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About this Website

        This pathway website began as a project of History Teacher Peter Loeser, who taught history for 32 years in Northern California - first at Laytonville High School and later at Willits High School in nearby Willits, California - before he retired from teaching. He began this database to provide students, parents, and teachers with a resource of safe historical websites to do historical research.

Pete Loeser 2000

"I created this page for the use of my history students. I wanted a place
for them to do historical research on the web in a controlled atmosphere."

        In 2011, he offered his website to the Teaching American History 4 Project while acting as a consultant for the project. Since that time this resource has been hosted on the Teaching American History 4 Project website as a courtesy to both History teachers and students. We hope you find it useful.

Please send comments and suggestions to Sue Olds at Teaching American History 4.